Pull up Your Big Girl Panties and Admit When you are Wrong

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As women sometimes we find it difficult to admit when we are wrong or when we have done something the requires a very deep and meaningful apology. I have always had a very difficult time admitting when I was wrong and I can actually count on one hand how many times I’ve apologized to someone in my entire life. Some of the people I’ve wronged I just didn’t care or felt they deserved it. I know that makes me a heartless bitch. Well let’s all be honest here sometimes life throws so much at a person that they become hard and well turn into a bitch simply as a defense mechanism to protect themselves. I’m here to tell you there are times you have to pull up your big girl panties and admit you are wrong and apologize. Yes even when it freaks you out to consider apologizing because it just isn’t you.

I have debating on sharing this for a few weeks now due to I honestly just hoped I would forget the whole incident and be done with it but that didn’t happen. Let’s just go ahead and air out the dirty laundry. A few weeks ago me and my boyfriend went out to eat at one of our usual pizza places. I feel I should also share that they serve alcohol and have karaoke on Friday nights. I unintentionally got VERY drunk and barely remember the events of that evening. Don’t worry I was reminded the next day what all I had done. While part of it had him laughing the other parts hurt him and I’m sure embarrassed him even though he never said he was embarrassed. I suppose drunk me decided I wanted to be wild again and messaged one of my old friends whom I use to be wild and party with. I said many things to her about being bored and wanting to go back to the wild me, all untrue because that is NOT at all how I feel, but nonetheless I said it. I at some point handed my phone over and of course the messages were all still there and so were my snap stories and who knows what else. I unintentionally hurt the person I love more than anything. I felt absolutely horrible, to the point I felt sick. I knew what I did was wrong but you can’t take back things like that and pretend they didn’t happen. He was so deeply hurt that he felt like I didn’t want to be in this relationship anymore. It broke my heart that he felt like that. I had no idea what to do to fix it and felt like I had possibly ruined the best relationship I had ever been in. I knew what I had to do, I had to pull up my big girl panties and accept responsibility for what I did apologize and pray he forgave me.

The apology and the road to repairing the damage. I apologized like a million times, but we all know actions speak louder than words. I could tell him I loved him and I was sorry a million times but that wouldn’t undo the hurt or make him believe what I was saying after what all I had done. I swallowed my pride and messaged the friend I had been chatting with the night before and told her I was sorry fro dragging her into my hectic crazy life and that I was so wrong about saying any of what I said. I also told her that I didn’t mean any of it that I was just having a momentary lapse of judgement and that my boyfriend was actually pretty amazing. She understood, thankfully. I proceeded to show him the message to show him that I was really trying to show him how sorry I was. It took a few days but the damage was repaired and we are good again. The point of this whole thing is just say you are sorry. The pride you have the defense mechanisms you have held onto for years, none of it matters when you hurt someone you really truly love. Just say you are sorry when you are wrong and then follow through with actions that prove how sorry you are. Life is too short to hold onto what hurt you in the past to the point that it causes you to hurt the ones you love.

Summer Bucket List for 2022

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Look out y’all summer is almost here, and I can’t wait. Bring on the sunshine, warm temps, BBQ’s and all the water activities. Every summer we try to think of what to do with the kids and for those just us moments. We want to enjoy every second of the summer we can. Below will be my bucket list for this summer. Maybe it will inspire some of you all to get out and enjoy life more and give you ideas of what you can do to soak up all the he summer fun you possibly can.

My plan is for me and my family to complete as many of these activities as possible this summer. Rather we do or not I know it will be a fun filled summer. Let’s dive right into this list y’all.

Go to a local zoo (for us that will be the Louisville Zoo in KY), backyard BBQ (I’m sure there will be many of these), take the pontoon to the lake (hopefully more than once), relax on a beach (even if it’s just at a lake), visit a local museum (for us will likely be the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY), ride around at sundown on the back roads with the windows down and music up, plant a garden, expand my rose garden, go to lunch with a friend on a patio, spend a whole day in the pool, enjoy an outdoor concert or play, go hiking (probably at Red River Gorge), make sun tea (just got my very own sun tea jug and can’t wait to use it), go camping (hopefully lots of camping this summer), shop at a local farmers market, go on a picnic in a park, go see the moon bow at Cumberland Falls, go to a new festival that we have never been to, run the color run (again LOL), watch fireworks over the lake, visit a water park (either Holiday World or Beach Bend), go to a dirt track race, watch a baseball game in person (Riverbats), go to a drive in movie, spend lots of time on the water (kayaking or on the boat), and last but certainly not least, finish the outside of our house (removing dormers, new siding and paint, new roof, updated flower beds etc.)

This is just a small portion of my summer bucket list. I know it seems like a lot but I’m hoping to accomplish it all between now and Labor Day. Keep an eye out for updates. I will also be looking forward to hearing from you all. What are your summer musts? What do you plan to do this summer? Any tips or suggestions that you would like to share? Let’s make the most of this summer y’all.

Bucket List Travel Inspiration

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Just to be honest I LOVE to travel, via ground and water that is! LOL I have never been on a plane and IDK if I ever will be. God didn’t give me wings therefor I don’t feel I was meant to fly. With that being said I LOVE a good road trip and being on the water. I know some of my travel destinations may seem quite odd considering I’m not too sure about flying, but hey a girl can dream! I love everything about being on or near the water rather it be a river, lake or, my fave, the ocean. I have already been to four different beaches and can’t wait to add more. The three I have already visited are Galveston Island, Virginia Beach, Perdido Key FL and Gulf Shores AL. Out of these I must say Galveston was my fave. I will get into that a little more in another future post so be sure to follow me so you don’t miss it.

Virginia Beach

Let’s kick this off with all the places I’ve already been and fun things I’ve done. Who knows some of y’all may want to visit them as well. First off if you have never been to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area of TN you are missing out. This is a trip that we take at least once a year, even if just for a weekend getaway. If you decide to visit be sure to stop by the Island in Pigeon Forge and watch the water light show after dark! You will thank me. As stated above I’ve been to four beaches in four different states. I’m pretty sure I have salt water in my veins cause I could live by the ocean. My Daddy did always say I should have been a mermaid. I have also been to an event in Ohio at least 3 maybe 4 times and I had a blast. What event you may be asking… Well it’s the World 100 dirt track race that takes place out Eldora Speedway every September. If you are into that sort of thing it’s a must at least once in your life. The atmosphere and there is nothing like a sunset view over Eldora Speedway. Those are just a few of my top faves. I also love kayaking and floating on the lake. That being said if you also love kayaking and love nature you must kayak down Green River here in KY there is a waterfall along the way that people get out and play in and a rock to jump off of. If you decide to take this journey feel free to contact me for put in and get out locations. Although there is so much more I have done I’m going to stop here since that would be a whole post on its own LOL. Now to get into the good stuff….my very own travel bucket list.

That Eldora sunset I was talking about

Now for the good stuff. Where do I want to go?!? Oh the places I would love to go. LOL Anyhow here it goes. My number one most want to visit location on my bucket list is, you are probably thinking I’m like every girl and going to same Paris but nope not this girl, Rome y’all. I want to go to Rome and have since I was a little girl. I love the architecture and the history. The whole atmosphere there seems like something I would fall in love with. My fear of flying may however prevent this dream from becoming a reality. Next on my list is Ireland, yep another one I would have to fly to. I just think Ireland is a beautiful place and would love to see it in person some day. Third on my list, and not in any particular order from here on out is, a Dallas Cowboys football game. I have been to tour the stadium but never watched them play. Cowboys fan from way back. Loyalty to. Team does not change based on rather they are winning or losing at the time. We all have bad moments and we wouldn’t want people to stop liking us just because we have a bad moment or hit a rough patch. Next on my list is a cruise or in my case many cruises. I wanna see it all y’all. Just to name a few I would be interested in… Alaskan cruise to see the Northern lights, Caribbean cruise to visit as many tropical destinations as possible and for the kid in me a Disney or other kid oriented cruise. I want to also visit as many of the national landmarks as possible here in the US, hike in the mountains of TN, go on a sail boat, visit the locations in Georgia where Vampire Diaries, Orginals and Legacies were filmed. Yes fan girl here and I’m not ashamed. For those of you who are also fans who was your fave vamp? Klaus, Damon, Stephan or did you like someone else? Mine was Damon and mmmmm he could turn me into a vampire any day. LOL Speaking of things that go bump in the night I would also love to visit Salem MA. Heck I could probably live there to be honest. Somewhere on the coast though. I would be perfectly content with coastal living. Salem has always fascinated me with it’s history and of course their love for all things fall and Halloween. Seems like my perfect town to live in. I could go on forever with my bucket list for traveling since it’s like my favorite thing to do but I will stop here….for now. Happy travels and be sure to send me your must visit locations.

Beautiful view from one of my favorite places in my hometown.

Binge Worthy Netflix Shows

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Time to dive deep into the world of Netflix. I’m constantly on the search for new and exciting shows to watch on Netflix. There are also a few series that I will watch all the way through at least once a year. I have considered removing Netflix a few times and switching to Hulu to watch some of the shows they offer but end up talking myself out of it every time due to the fact there are Netflix originals that I just can’t miss the next season of as well as old faves that I love to watch over again. Oddly enough some of the shows that others get hooked on I just can’t bring myself to watch more than one or two episodes of. There is however a long list of shows that I love and can get lost in for hours or even a whole weekend. With this list I will discuss a few top reasons I love each show as well as how many seasons it has and if it is still being made or has sadly ended. As you read through this list be thinking about what your fave shows are and feel free to share them, who knows you might just help someone else find their next fave show.

The first list will be shows that are no longer being made, insert crying emoji here. Some of these shows really broke my heart when they ended. I just wasn’t ready for it to be over. All of these were super amazing however a few really drew me in and caused a lot of late nights. Just like a great book that you can’t put down and the next thing you know it’s like 2 am. Let’s kick things off with my top two must watch series……Vampire Diaries and The Originals!!! OMG y’all Klaus and Damon, the two bad boys that will make you want to be bad. These two series intertwine with each other so don’t really matter which one you start first. I watched Vampire Diaries first. Vampire Diaries has 8 seasons and Originals has 5 seasons. Now on to the rest of the list of no longer being made shows. Young and Hungry which has 5 seasons is mostly like a love story with lots of laughs. Gilmore Girls with 7 seasons is an old fave of mine that I use to watch when it was coming on tv years ago. The Gilmore Girls will always hold a special place in my heart. When you finish this one be sure to watch the Netflix original Gilmore Girls life in a season, or whatever it’s called LOL. Fuller House which will pull at the heart strings of those who grew up watching Full House. I also heard somewhere that they are suppose to making another season which will air on tv possibly. IDK on that so don’t hold me to it. Scream which only has 3 seasons but is still pretty good if you liked the Scream movies. The Ranch with 8 seasons will have you laughing from the very first episode. If you liked That 70’s show you will love the Ranch. However spoiler alert if you haven’t already watched it, the last season will tug at your emotions like crazy and leave you with tons of questions. Supernatural with 15 seasons. I’m sure most everyone has at least seen a few episodes of this show but I’ll telling you, you need to watch it all. Orange is the New Back with 7 seasons is a good watch about a women’s prison and what goes on inside those walls. While it is a fictional story I can only imagine that what happens in the show is loosely based on events that have occurred at prisons across the country. Last on this list but most definitely not least is 13 Reasons Why with 4 seasons. This show isn’t for the faint of heart or people who are highly sensitive as it does discuss serious issues that our youth face on a daily basis. I also wouldn’t recommend anyone who is very young to watch it either as it does discuss topics such as rape, suicide, murder, etc. On to the rest of my list where we will discuss the shows that are still in production and will likely drive you crazy waiting for a new season to drop.

These shows will leave you wanting more and have you impatiently waiting for the next season to drop. My top pick here is Legacies with 3 seasons on Netflix but considering this is a CW network show on cable you can keep up with it weekly, watch current episodes on the CW app or wait for the new seasons to move to Netflix. This show is the third show in the Vampire Diary series and of course continues the story with a few of the characters from the other two shows. Next we have You with 3 seasons. This show follows the life of a serial killer, stalker, psychopath. Good Girls with 4 seasons so far. OMG y’all have to watch this one, especially you women. Hot bad guy alert!!! And to be honest I’m sure most of us have dreamed about what it would be like to live the life these women do..you know when we are seriously stressed out and ready to run away! Country Comfort with 1 season so far and I really hope they continue making this one cause it was sooooo good. Dead to Me, 2 seasons, just watch it y’all, women are crazy and wow the things they are capable of. Life Sentence with 1 season. Firefly Lane with 1 season, Grace and Frankie with 7 seasons, Ginny and Georgia with 1 season and Pretty Smart with 1 season are all great shows that have me anxiously awaiting the next season. Some of these I couldn’t stop watching and finished the whole season in one day. Outer Banks y’all!!!! Need I say more?!?!?! If you haven’t watched this show yet then you are missing out. 5 stars all the way form me and everyone in my family. Virgin River with 3 seasons is another show that will have you anticipation new seasons. If you have ever seen Hart of Dixie then you will LOVE Virgin River. If you are anything like me then you will LOVE these shows!! Be careful with some of them and make sure you have no plans for the day or weekend and make sure you wont be interrupted cause you won’t want to miss even one second of some of these.

I hope you all enjoy these shows as much as I have and still do. My faves out of all of these are The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Legacies, Virgin River and Outer Banks. Feel free to share your must watch Netflix shows with me. I am always looking for a new show to watch. Oh and be sure to enjoy all the hot bad boys, I know I will!! Happy Netflixing y’all!

Simple Ways to Make Extra Money Without Getting Another Job

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Who doesn’t love extra money?!?! I know I do! Today I will discuss a few tried and true ways that I have learned to earn a few extra bucks. With these three simple FREE apps, that’s right I said free, you can earn a few extra dollars a month and payout is via PayPal or gift cards. I know we’ve all read similar posts somewhere. Else before and it turned out to be another waste of time answering a million survey questions that take forever and get you nowhere. I promise that’s not what this is about. These three apps I myself use daily and have been for over a year. No you will not get rich but you will be able to earn enough to get that Amazon purchase that’s been hanging out in the save for later part of your cart. Trust me mine is a mile long and with these apps I am able to save up and have been slowly shrinking my wish list without paying even one cent out of pocket. So with no further delay let’s jump right into the juicy details.

Rewards App

The first app I want to introduce you to is the Rewards app. This one is hit or miss on when you will have a short 2-3 question survey to answer but does pay out to PayPal as soon as you reach $2 which isn’t hard to do when you get the surveys. Make sure to keep your notifications and location on for this app so you won’t miss any opportunities to earn. It follows your location and randomly sends you short surveys about locations you may have recently visited. Don’t wait when you get a survey notification as they do expire after a short time, sometimes 24 hours. The app looks just like the picture above and is called Google Opinion Rewards. I have earned upwards of $4o plus with this app and spent maybe 5 minutes all together answering the short surveys . The questions basically ask if you have visited any of the locations in a list they show, then ask if you made a purchase and how you paid for said purchase. That’s all there is to it. Simple and quick.


The Evidation App is a health and fitness app. Simply download the free app and connect it to your health app on your phone as well as any other compatible fitness apps you have on your phone. That’s it y’all that’s how easy this one is. You can also log in and answer daily surveys or read health articles for bonus points. The app monitors healthy habits like steps in a day, logged exercise, food and water. How long it takes to reach enough points to cash out all depends on you. When it’s summer I rack up points quickly while walking outdoors, hiking, swimming etc. You have to reach at least 10,000 points to cash out, I know that seems like a lot but really you don’t have to do anything except let the app monitor stuff you already do. Every 10,000 points is worth $10 and you can cash out for gift cards, PayPal transfer etc. Who wouldn’t love earning money without having to do anything extra!?!?! You would be crazy to not give this one a try.

Amazon Shoppers Panel

Last but not least my absolute favorite money making app. Y’all this one is so simple to use and earns $10 plus a month in Amazon gift cards. All you have to do in this one is upload 10 shopping receipts each month and you earn a $10 Amazon gift card that you will receive at the first of the following month. Occasionally they will offer mini surveys to earn a little more than that. This one is how I keep shrinking my wish list. If there is a larger wish just let the gift cards add up in your Amazon account and use them when you reach the desired amount. Or do what I have decided to do and let them all build up for a year and use them for the holidays. At the least you will have $120 in a year if not more depending on surveys invites. I bet some of y’all are downloading the app while reading this LOL I don’t blame you. It really is the easiest way to earn an Amazon gift card. If you don’t want to do it you could let your kids do it and let them pick stuff to buy with the gift cards.

I have used many apps for earning money and gift cards over the past several years and most of them gave me a headache or were’t worth the time they required to earn so little. I;m so happy I found these three and will continue using them for as long as they exist. If I run across any others that are worth the effort I will be sure to update this post. happy shopping y’all!

Weight Loss Struggles and the Effects Weight has on our Lives

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In todays world it is a struggle to lose weight with all the new diet fads and exercise programs available. My weight has been up and down like a yo-yo for the past several years and for me personally it causes stress, anxiety, feelings of sadness and has even caused me to be withdrawn. I have not felt comfortable in my own body for a while, well except for the few months here and there where my weight seems to be going down and I get excited. At my heaviest I was a few pounds over 200. Don’t know the exact weight because I stopped weighing myself once I reached 200. It was a very dark time for me. I started trying one diet and then another when that one didn’t work. I was only eating twice a day and drinking only water yet I was still gaining weight. I felt hopeless and gave up trying. It didn’t help any that I was in a bad relationship where I was being told I was fat and had let myself go, plus I was being cheated on. I was then put on medication for my migraines which little did I know was also used for weight loss. The pounds started melting away and I started feeling better about myself. I was able to control my eating and make better food choices due to the medication. I ended up weighing 150 pounds and I was so happy. I started exercising regularly and continued to research healthy eating habits. Despite my new weight and confidence my husband was still cheating and making mean comments about my body. Thankfully I gained the confidence in myself and left him. After a few years on the medicine I started gaining weight again, nothing serious just a few pounds. Thankfully though I was able to get it back off fairly easy in due to what I had learned about eating habits. Then about a year ago I started noticing some not so favorable side affects from being on this medication for so long and struggled with deciding to come off of it or not. I had many questions about what to do like, what will this mean for my migraines that I hadn’t had in years, will the side effects subside once the medicine is out of my system, but one of the biggest questions was will I gain back all of my weight? About four months ago I decided it was time to come off of it. And here we are a little over four months later and I have already hit 175 pounds. So two days ago I decided I had to do something and have started an intermittent fasting plan. Ima e also started doing yoga and other exercise every day. The most important decision I made was to start making healthier food and drink choices and portion control. Welcome to my weight loss journey, well actually my lifestyle change.

Medication for weight loss…..y’all let’s be honest here, we have all thought about taking some sort of medication for weight loss, rather it be over the counter diet pills or a prescription. I’m here to tell you I have tried all of the above and from my experience it’s not worth it in the end because truth be told you can’t stay on the medicine forever and once you stop taking it the weight comes back. Most of those medications come with bad side affects anyways. The medication I was on for my migraines that is also for weight loss was Topomax. Y’all I thought this was the best thing in the world when I started taking it. I didn’t have migraines anymore and the weight was falling off. I have however learned that the side affects to that medicine are very unfavorable. It caused depression, anxiety, hair loss, fluctuating hormones and now that I’m off of it the weight is quickly piling back on. Over the years I’ve even tried several over the counter meds and well I noticed nothing more than getting jittery. The best medicine I have found for weight loss is nature. That’s right I said nature! Take all natural supplements, drink herbal tea, go for walks and get in touch with nature, drink lots of water, there are even essential oils to help with just about every ailment you can think of, and most importantly avoid preservatives and chemically altered foods. Eat a balanced well portioned meal made from natural foods. Pasture raised meats that don’t have antibiotics or preservatives, no canned preserved foods, fresh veggies and fruits, etc. I know this seems overwhelming but I’m telling you it’s worth it!! Your body will thank you for making these changes and you will feel so much better. Don’t give up if you don’t notice changes instantly. It takes time for your body to adjust and to detox from all the junk you’ve been putting in it. DO NOT GIVE UP!

FOOD!!! We all know that’s what’s on every dieting persons mind. We crave everything that isn’t good for us and feel like we are starving constantly. I’m right there with you guys but it’s all in your head. You have trained your brain to believe you are hungry all the time and that you need all that junk. It’s time to reprogram your brain to want healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t think of it as, I can’t have this or I can’t have that, instead think of it as, I don’t need that but I do need this instead. You have to reprogram your mind to think positively about healthy food options. Never think of new eating habits as a diet, think of it as a lifestyle. And for the love people stop trying every new diet fad that comes around. You will just end feeling starved, cranky and letdown when it don’t work. Besides who wants to diet for the rest of their life? I know I sure don’t. I few things I’ve tried and had good success with are: drinking black coffee, training myself to drink unsweetened tea, drinking herbal tea which bonus counts towards your water intake, drinking more water, doing the intermittent fasting plan where the only thing I do for 16 hours is drink black coffee, unsweetened tea, herbal tea and water then I get to eat whatever I want for 8 hours in proper portions of course. I have basically taken myself off all my medication except my occasional allergy pill and started using herbs and essential oils for natural treatment, and let me tell you I feel so much better. I will keep you all updated on my progress. Choose nature, choose natural healthy options.

Depression, anxiety, anger, loneliness, hopelessness, these are all ways we feel when our weight isn’t quite where we want it. Weight has a huge impact on our emotional, mental and physical health as well as gives us a poor self image. We have got to stop beating ourselves up y’all. We have to start loving ourselves for who and what we are. The first step to weight loss is learn to love yourself the way you are. Sounds odd right!? I get it why would we love ourselves overweight but yet want to work on losing weight? Here’s why y’all. You have to first love yourself to be able to actively work on improving yourself and you are less likely to feel letdown and give up when you don’t see changes instantly. I’m going to give you a little piece of wisdom here, anything worth having isn’t instant and takes work and dedication. Love yourself , and give your body and mind time to adjust to the new lifestyle. Don’t give up! Oh and something we can do to help ourselves and others, make it a habit to never make negative comments about yourself or others! You never know your positive attitude and comments towards yourself and others could make a huge impact. Share the love y’all!

Exercise is important for more than just weight loss, it is also important for physical and mental health. Get outdoors in nature and go for a walk. Connecting with nature will give you a sense of peace you didn’t know you could ever have. No music, no talking, no nothing just clear your mind and take a walk through nature, your body and mind will thank you! Yoga y’all, I can’t express how important yoga can be to your life. Yoga has so many benefits I couldn’t begin to list everything there is to love about yoga here. That will be a whole other post. But what I can say here is yoga and meditation are a huge part of my daily routine and all I can say is wow. I feel peaceful, less stressed, relaxed, stronger, have more mental clarity and just all out better, I even sleep better. I will say it time and time again yoga, meditate and connect with nature! I hope this helps someone out there, I would love to hear that I was able to connect with someone and help them. I will continue to update on my progress and feel free to message or comment with your journey and progress! Have a blessed day y’all.

Christmas Wish List, What’s on Your’s?

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Purple Toad Caramel Apple Wine

As we get closer to December it’s time to start thinking about those Christmas wish lists for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Out of five kids I have managed to get a list from only two of them, the youngest two, LOL Their lists are very different and range anywhere from beef jerky to a Tesla coil. Me I would be happy with wine and a beach vacay 😂 However I do have a Christmas wish list of my own. What are some of the top picks on your wish list or your kids wish lists? I will give you ideas as well as what is on my kids wish lists as well as my own.

My fifteen year old is into anything that has to do with the child or baby Yoda. The above picture is something that we have actually purchased for him this year. His list consists of a desk, baby Yoda stuff, lots of beef jerky, Xbox controller charger, and a cell phone. Pretty basic list and very short, actually was written on a post it 😂 While this may be good it makes things kinda difficult for me when I’m trying to shop for him. I still have to figure out stocking stuffers and other gifts to get him so he will have just as much as his siblings. My go to gifts are clothes and food gifts when he don’t want much. Do you have a child like this too? What do you do when they won’t tell you what they want?

This child, the youngest of the crew has asked for a Tesla Coil y’all 🙈 He is also currently into lego sets that build things that move, such as the sets to build amusement park rides and cars. He also wants any and everything that has to do with cool science stuff LOL He loves to see how things operate and that’s pretty cool if you ask me. I’m however struggling with stocking stuffer ideas. Anyone else have this struggle? For me it seems to be an every year struggle.

The Grandbaby ❤️ As we all know the Grandchild has to be the most spoiled of everyone at Christmas. As his parents are in the military I have to deliver gifts before and after the holiday usually. This is him playing with an early gift I delivered last month. The toys that seem to interest him the most are balls, anything that moves or makes noise and things he thinks isn’t supposed to have LOL My go to gifts for him this season are Little People sets, giant building block sets, a fun ball pit, interactive age appropriate learning toys and clothes, cause y’all this boy is growing fast. Send me ideas for stocking stuffers y’all cause I’m at a loss!

First off ignore my floors y’all 🙈 it’s difficult to get them refinished when you are living with the flooring guy 😂 He stays so busy making everyone else’s floor look beautiful that he don’t have time to do ours. What do you get your significant other for Christmas? Me, I got him an outdoor griddle that he had been wanting for over a year. He got it early cause let’s be honest it wasn’t fitting under the tree or the bed to hide for that matter. He is getting other stuff that is wrapped and under the tree already. Ya know clothes, grilling cookbooks, accessories for the griddle, and tools. Other amazing ideas for him would be snacks he likes, socks and anything he may actually need. BTW griddles seem to be the go to gift for this year cause I had a hard time finding the one he wanted. What do you buy your significant other?

Now for me and my wishlist!!! There’s only one thing that he could get me that would make me the happiest girl in the world, a ring 💍 y’all I love this man with everything in me but he is dragging his feet with the ring. However he did take me on a weekend trip to Nashville already and we looked at rings while there he purchased me a gorgeous bracelet and necklace from Kay’s. I fall more in love with him every day. ❤️ The rest of my wish list contains random items from incense burners, candles, clothes, beauty products, and an herbal tea diffuser mug. If I get that ring y’all will know, in fact the whole world will know 😂 I’m always looking for ideas of stuff to add to my list so send me your most wanted items this year.

If you are like me and struggle with finding just the right gift for someone, ask them to build an Amazon wish list and add to it throughout the year. They can send you the link to the list and bam you can shop from that list and never have to leave home. I keep an ongoing list for myself that my boyfriend has the link to so he can never say he don’t know what to get me. I hope this helps someone and I’m looking forward to receiving your top gift ideas. Happy shopping season everyone.

November Thankful Challenge

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Starting today I challenge everyone to post daily about what they are thankful for. You can follow the above challenge or post your own idea. Today I’m thankful for my boyfriend Dale…. Check out my meet my best friend blog post for more about this amazing man. If you would like to post your daily challenge with a pic on insta just post a pic with a little about why you are thankful that day and tag me @anita_marie_coffey also remember to use hashtags #thankfulchallenge and #happinessisgratitudechallenge I can’t wait to see all of y’all’s posts! Happy turkey month everyone 🦃

Meet my Best Friend and Love of my Life

*This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on or make a purchase through one of these links I could receive a small commision, at no additional cost to you.*

I would like for you all to get to know me, the person behind the keyboard, better. I am very happy to introduce you to my boyfriend of four years, Dale. This man is not only my best friend but also the love of my life. It took me a few years and two failed marriages to finally get it right. Third time’s the charm right!?!? He is absolutely the most amazing man I have ever met. I don’t know where my life would have taken me had I never met him and honestly I don’t care to find out. He changed my life for the better and I am so blessed to call him mine!

I can honestly say my life truly began when he came into it! He has shown me so much love that I never thought was possible before. Before him I had so many dreams and I never thought they could come true but these past four years with him I have slowly watched each and every one of my dreams come true. There is nothing this man wouldn’t do for me. I am truly blessed!

I always dreamed of seeing the ocean, which was a dream I never thought would come true. Above is my first time seeing the ocean…he wanted to make sure my dream came true. Now because of him I can say I’ve seen the ocean several times from a few different states. He has taken me on so many new adventures. This man loves to do things to make me happy and show me how much he loves me and cares for me.

Dale also works very hard every day to make sure we have the life we want. He provides more than I could ever need in life and I am so proud of him. Him, along with his parents, owns his own hardwood flooring business and he strives to be the best and always gives his best.

Just like the country song says “I’ve got a good one”! So my thankful post for November first goes out to this man, my soul mate, my one true love and my best friend, Dale. What are you thankful for?

Sleepy Sadie Sleepwear

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First off I need to say the sleepwear from Sleepy Sadie is so adorable. The material is super soft and feels really nice against your skin. The down side is I ordered medium which is my usual size, the bottoms fit perfectly, the top however was very snug to say the least. Considering these are ordered as a set I wouldn’t be able to order large to fit my top half because then the bottoms would be too big. I guess if you aren’t big up top (36 DD) like me then the sizing would work for you. I will probably order from them again and just order the same design in M and L and give the other pieces I can’t wear as gifts 💁🏻😂 I can’t pass up their super fun and flirty designs. Get yours today at this link, https://www.sleepysadie.com/?ref=1sNgKxrCLLBZ7 you can also use my unique code 1sNgKxrCLLBZ7. Happy shopping y’all! ✌️

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