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Time to dive deep into the world of Netflix. I’m constantly on the search for new and exciting shows to watch on Netflix. There are also a few series that I will watch all the way through at least once a year. I have considered removing Netflix a few times and switching to Hulu to watch some of the shows they offer but end up talking myself out of it every time due to the fact there are Netflix originals that I just can’t miss the next season of as well as old faves that I love to watch over again. Oddly enough some of the shows that others get hooked on I just can’t bring myself to watch more than one or two episodes of. There is however a long list of shows that I love and can get lost in for hours or even a whole weekend. With this list I will discuss a few top reasons I love each show as well as how many seasons it has and if it is still being made or has sadly ended. As you read through this list be thinking about what your fave shows are and feel free to share them, who knows you might just help someone else find their next fave show.

The first list will be shows that are no longer being made, insert crying emoji here. Some of these shows really broke my heart when they ended. I just wasn’t ready for it to be over. All of these were super amazing however a few really drew me in and caused a lot of late nights. Just like a great book that you can’t put down and the next thing you know it’s like 2 am. Let’s kick things off with my top two must watch series……Vampire Diaries and The Originals!!! OMG y’all Klaus and Damon, the two bad boys that will make you want to be bad. These two series intertwine with each other so don’t really matter which one you start first. I watched Vampire Diaries first. Vampire Diaries has 8 seasons and Originals has 5 seasons. Now on to the rest of the list of no longer being made shows. Young and Hungry which has 5 seasons is mostly like a love story with lots of laughs. Gilmore Girls with 7 seasons is an old fave of mine that I use to watch when it was coming on tv years ago. The Gilmore Girls will always hold a special place in my heart. When you finish this one be sure to watch the Netflix original Gilmore Girls life in a season, or whatever it’s called LOL. Fuller House which will pull at the heart strings of those who grew up watching Full House. I also heard somewhere that they are suppose to making another season which will air on tv possibly. IDK on that so don’t hold me to it. Scream which only has 3 seasons but is still pretty good if you liked the Scream movies. The Ranch with 8 seasons will have you laughing from the very first episode. If you liked That 70’s show you will love the Ranch. However spoiler alert if you haven’t already watched it, the last season will tug at your emotions like crazy and leave you with tons of questions. Supernatural with 15 seasons. I’m sure most everyone has at least seen a few episodes of this show but I’ll telling you, you need to watch it all. Orange is the New Back with 7 seasons is a good watch about a women’s prison and what goes on inside those walls. While it is a fictional story I can only imagine that what happens in the show is loosely based on events that have occurred at prisons across the country. Last on this list but most definitely not least is 13 Reasons Why with 4 seasons. This show isn’t for the faint of heart or people who are highly sensitive as it does discuss serious issues that our youth face on a daily basis. I also wouldn’t recommend anyone who is very young to watch it either as it does discuss topics such as rape, suicide, murder, etc. On to the rest of my list where we will discuss the shows that are still in production and will likely drive you crazy waiting for a new season to drop.

These shows will leave you wanting more and have you impatiently waiting for the next season to drop. My top pick here is Legacies with 3 seasons on Netflix but considering this is a CW network show on cable you can keep up with it weekly, watch current episodes on the CW app or wait for the new seasons to move to Netflix. This show is the third show in the Vampire Diary series and of course continues the story with a few of the characters from the other two shows. Next we have You with 3 seasons. This show follows the life of a serial killer, stalker, psychopath. Good Girls with 4 seasons so far. OMG y’all have to watch this one, especially you women. Hot bad guy alert!!! And to be honest I’m sure most of us have dreamed about what it would be like to live the life these women know when we are seriously stressed out and ready to run away! Country Comfort with 1 season so far and I really hope they continue making this one cause it was sooooo good. Dead to Me, 2 seasons, just watch it y’all, women are crazy and wow the things they are capable of. Life Sentence with 1 season. Firefly Lane with 1 season, Grace and Frankie with 7 seasons, Ginny and Georgia with 1 season and Pretty Smart with 1 season are all great shows that have me anxiously awaiting the next season. Some of these I couldn’t stop watching and finished the whole season in one day. Outer Banks y’all!!!! Need I say more?!?!?! If you haven’t watched this show yet then you are missing out. 5 stars all the way form me and everyone in my family. Virgin River with 3 seasons is another show that will have you anticipation new seasons. If you have ever seen Hart of Dixie then you will LOVE Virgin River. If you are anything like me then you will LOVE these shows!! Be careful with some of them and make sure you have no plans for the day or weekend and make sure you wont be interrupted cause you won’t want to miss even one second of some of these.

I hope you all enjoy these shows as much as I have and still do. My faves out of all of these are The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Legacies, Virgin River and Outer Banks. Feel free to share your must watch Netflix shows with me. I am always looking for a new show to watch. Oh and be sure to enjoy all the hot bad boys, I know I will!! Happy Netflixing y’all!

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