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In this first post I’m just going to give you a little info about me and my life up until now. I was born in 1982 to a teen mom. My relationship with my Mother has never been one of those typical mother daughter best friend relationships. Honestly we get along better when we are t around each other. I was a Daddy’s girl, sadly he passed unexpectedly from a heart attack in June of 2005. I’ve witnessed my mother go through multiple relationships and four marriages. My second stepfather was amazing and was more like a second Dad to me, sadly we lost him in a horrific car accident in March of 2007. I’ve already lost all of my Grandparents….Grandmother in 7th grade from breast cancer, Grandfather (Pa) my freshman year from multiple lung issues, Grandpa in 2017 from multiple organ failure (esophagus cancer, congestive heart failure, kidney issues) and my Nannie in 2018 from natural causes. I have been married and divorced twice. First husband was an abusive alcoholic and it took me years to gain the strength to finally leave him. We had 3 amazing children together. Second husband basically cheated the entire time we were together, took me forever to realize it wasn’t my fault and it was his problem not mine. We had one amazing little boy together. Those two experiences may have not been happy or anything I would ever wish on my worst enemy but they did teach me a lot about relationships and myself. In school I was known as the wild party girl who drank, smoked pot and did a lot of questionable things. Sadly people will always judge me for things I did in my past when I’m not anywhere near the person I use to be. I grew up in church and always knew God was there for me even when I felt completely alone and lost. I may have strayed from my faith for a few years but I am happy to say I have found God again! Without him I don’t think I could have made it through the darkest years of my life. I’ve survived being raped by someone who was supposed to be a friend (my then current boyfriend’s best friend). And no I didn’t report it because at the time I felt as if nobody would believe me and if they did I was afraid they would try to make it out as my fault, so I just kept it to myself despite it eating at me and causing me to sink into a deep dark place. I’ve been through loss, abuse, rape, depression, drugs, horrible relationships and so much more yet here I am on the other side of it all so much stronger and now truly happy. I finally learned that I was in control of my life and chose to take the power away from everyone and everything that had ever hurt me. I learned to love myself and no it wasn’t easy! I now have an amazing boyfriend who made me finally believe all men aren’t horrible, finally made me feel loved and accepted like I was good enough. He knows my past and loves me anyways! And no I’m not going to lie and say our relationship is perfect because no relationship is ever perfect if someone says theirs is they are lying to themselves and everyone else. My 4 amazing children are grown now. My oldest son has a job and life of his own, the two middle kiddos, daughter and son, are both in the US Navy and stationed in Virginia and Texas, and my baby is 15. I now also have a bonus son that is 9 (my boyfriend’s little boy). I am also a Nana to one very amazing blessing from God that will soon be one, that little boy is my world. I have many hobbies and am in the process of starting my own business as well as doing photo shoots on the side. I can honestly say I’m happy and content with my life now, and would love to share my wild and crazy life with you.

I survived everything I’ve been through and came out stronger. I want to be here to offer support, advice, words of wisdom and share uplifting quotes. I want to use this blog as way to let people know they aren’t alone in whatever struggle they are going through and that just because you have a bad day or even week it don’t have to be a bad life. There is always time to turn your life around and make it the best it can be. Don’t ever give up you can and will make it through to the other side of whatever darkness you are currently in. It’s just a season of darkness, stay strong and keep pushing forward until you reach that brighter happier season. All my love Anita ❤️

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